About Us

Credit: Mackenzie Ballauer

Collingswood Board Co. is a husband and wife operation out of Collingswood, NJ. After a 20 year hiatus from skateboarding, Lee began building wooden skateboards in our basement workshop. The rest is history.

Inspired by the classic decks of the 60's and 70's, we offer three basic models - a flat cruiser, a kicktail cruiser, and a pintail longboard - plus custom designs. 

Collingswood Board Co's solid wood boards are hand carved, and are ideal for novice and experienced riders of any age. Perfect for cruising around town, commuting to the train, or riding with your kids. Because our boards are hand carved, each one is uniquely yours.

You can read more about Collingswood Board Co on NJPen.com - http://www.njpen.com/chairman-of-the-boards-collingswood-man-launches-skateboard-startup/

In May 2016, we relocated our operation to The Factory, a shared maker-space in Collingswood, NJ. Want to visit us? Drop us a line for an appointment.

Interested in stocking our boards? Please reach out to us at collingswoodboardco@verizon.net 

Thank you for your interest!


Photo Credit: Mackenzie Ballauer